The Body, Performance & Dance (byped) Research Platform is accepting applications for its Visiting Fellows Program. The Visiting Fellows Program supports international and local independent scholars and artists conducting a research project related to critical studies of bodies and movement, performance and dance. Transnational and Global South perspectives are especially encouraged.  Acceptance into the program is based on the quality of the proposed research, and for renewing fellows, demonstrable progress on current research project. Fellows receive formal affiliation with the byped Research Platform, library privileges, stationery, email accounts, and opportunities to participate in the Platform’s activities. In return, we ask that Visiting Fellows acknowledge the Platform's support in any finished works (publications, choreographic works, films, installations, and so forth) resulting from an affiliation with the Platform. Affiliation regularly begins July 1 and ends June 30, and can be requested for shorter terms.

The byped Research Platform does not provide stipend, office space, production or performance space. New applicants and renewing Visiting Fellows must submit a completed application. To apply, follow the detailed guidelines and complete the required application materials as listed on the website.

The deadline is regularly April 1, each year. Please be sure to submit complete application materials to All qualified scholars and artists are encouraged to apply.