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  • HotHouse Dance Lecture Series—UCR (Jan 12-Mar 9 2011, Wednesdays, 5:10-6:30pm)
    Dance Studio Theatre, Athletics and Dance Building - ATH 102 (formerly PE 102): New research by UCR dance department faculty, current visiting and collaborating professors, and distinguished national and international guests in residence. We envision this series of presentations by dance scholars and artists as a HotHouse, a protective and nurturing place for the germination of innovative theoretical approaches, methodological experimentation, crossfeeding of topics, and blossoming of debates on future trends in critical dance studies. We aim to generate an environment for the proliferation of new findings and reconfigurations of established classifications, interrogating the historical, political, and cultural roots of identities, and the emergence of complex positionalities related to the transformative potential of dance translocations. Welcome to HotHouse Dance! Read more

Esha Nyogi De


Wendy Rogers, Jon Diaz, Sandra Kazama

  • TRANSiTORY: An evening of original choreography, live dance and musicUCR Culver Center of the Arts (Jan 6, 2011) presents its first Culver Arts Research Lab (CARL) event featuring a trio of dance performances developed at the Culver Center CARL program by Fulbright Fellowship recipients Wendy Rogers & Zubin Mohamad.



  • Performing the Archive: Animating Material Cultures and Corporeal HistoriesUCR (Nov 2010) Lecture by Rachel Fensham, Professor of Dance and Theatre Studies at the University of Surrey. Her research interests lie in the aesthetics and politics of performance, particularly in relation to corporeality, intermediality and spectatorship. She is Principal Investigator for the Digital Dance Archives project and is currently editing a volume with Professor Sandra Carter called Dancing Naturally.  Other recent publications include To Watch Theatre (Peter Lang, 2009); The Dolls' Revolution (with D. Varney, 2005) and articles in New Theatre Quarterly, Youth Studies, and Discourses on Dance. Presented by the Department of Dance, and the Body, Performance & Dance Research Platform.


  • Southeast Asian Performance Tradition: A Contemporary Choreographic JourneyUCR (Oct 2010) Lecture/Demonstration by visiting fellow and Fulbright scholar Dr. Zulkifli bin Mohamad (aka Zubin Mohamad), choreographer, performer, curator, and cultural columnist from Malaysia. Sponsored by SEATRIP (Southeast Asia: Text, Ritual and Performance), the Department of Dance, and the Body, Performance and Dance Research Platform. Read more


  • Christena Lindborg Schlundt Lecture Series in Dance Studies—UCR (Oct 2010): 2010 Award Recipient of the Christena Lindborg Schlundt Lecture Series in Dance Studies, Margarita Tortajada Quiroz presents "Branches and Roots: Two generations of female Mexican choreographers building their identity" that focuses on modern dance in Mexico in the 1930s-50s, and the choreographers that initiated their creative works in the 1980s and 1990s (Claudia Lavista, Alicia Sanchez,and Evoé Sotelo).  These innovative artists are exemplary in showing the strength often required by women to make creative works, and the alternative that dance has offered them to move beyond the private domain and to elaborate strategies for transgressing dominant frameworks.  Their lives confirm the challenges that women artists have faced in order to gain legitimation and construct their own creative spaces, and the legacy received from the earlier generation of Mexican female choreographers. Read more


  • Back Track Dance Lecture Series—UCR (Jan-Mar 2010): Ten scholars, artists, and artists/scholars, all graduates from UCR’s Department of Dance Ph.D. and M.F.A. programs, are invited to present their current theoretical and choreographic research, their work as dance-centric arts activists, and their professional involvement with institutions of higher education, international development agencies, national state institutions, NGOs, and health, community, and arts organizations. Stemming from a common interest in body politics and dance as a complex social production rather than as “expression,” their presentations navigate aestheticized movements and mobility as objects of study and as subjective meanderings. Their different approaches challenge notions of dance as ‘intangible’ practice and dancing as ‘invisible’ labor, thus highlighting dancers’ effective insertions in materialities. These Dance Department graduates connect moving bodies to historically and culturally-specific stagings of affects and values, and they interrogate the disciplinary powers and liberatory effects of dancerly doings. As a whole these contributions provoke critical reflections on dancing as a tool for tracking uses and abuses of corpo-realities and corpo-fictions that defy bodies’ limits while moving close to the ground. Read more


  • Christina Schlundt Lecture Series in Dance Studies--UCR (Oct 2009) 2009 Award Recipient of the Christena Lindborg Schlundt Lecture Series in Dance Studies, Brenda Dixon Gottschild, presents "Researching Performance - the (Black) Dancing Body as a Measure of Culture." Guided by the premise that dance is a barometer of society, Prof. Dixon Gottschild gauges the pulse of contemporary American performance. Based on three of her published books and using visual images and her own dancing body to demonstrate, she examines the pervasive Africanist presence in American culture and the sociopolitical implications of its invisibilization. With dance as the focus and race the parameter, she reveals Africanisms in modern and postmodern dance and American ballet. Read more

Brenda Dixon Gottschild

  • Cup of Java—UCR (May 2009): Several of Java's most distinguished dancers in a lecture-demonstration by Javanese artists: Yustinus Aristono, Supriyanto Martadiharja, Rukman Rosadi, Semidi, Sunardi, Heni Winahyuningsih, and Daruni Yutta. Coordinated by Wendy Rogers. Sponsored by SEATRIP, the Department of Dance, and the Body, Performance and Dance Research Platform, with the help of the UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance, in cooperation with UCLA Department of World Arts & Cultures.

cup of java

Heni Winahyuningsih

  • S12 Performance Exchange—Shanghai (May 2009): The S12 Performance Exchange is a two-day symposium focusing on arts practices, Asian performance, and transnationalism convened at Downstream Garage, Shanghai. This exchange involves a sharing of work in various forms, including live dance, theatre, and performance, and multi-media presentations. Presentations include exposure to contemporary work from locally based artists and scholars. Participants will get a chance to see the work of artists such as contemporary dance choreographer Nunu/Wu Yan Dan, visit contemporary performance spaces in Shanghai, and engage in local artists' process of creation and production.