The Body, Performance & Dance (byped) Research Platform offers a space for experimentation, collaboration, and reflection among scholars and artists engaged in critical investigations of dance and the moving body. 

The nature of the Platform is interdisciplinary, international, and open. It supports a collection of live initiatives and projects, in real and virtual space, designed to facilitate networking, conversation, debate, and the dissemination of innovative ideas on an ongoing basis. It seeks to fill the gaps between the annual meetings of larger, disciplinary-based national and international organizations, allowing participants to collaborate in creative workshops and research-focused meetings, and to share information via the web. 

Salient activities sponsored by the Platform are:  passportDANCE, a peer-reviewed international e-journal of critical dance studies; danceSCREENS, an online exhibition of curated dance videos; Dance Tank meetings, small-scale international gatherings and workshops, on and off campus, on focused research in dance-making and dance-writing; the Visiting Fellows Program, hosting scholars and artists in the Dance Department at UC Riverside; the Christena Lindborg Schlundt Lecture Award, given annually to a prominent figure in dance research; a lecture series on broadly-defined body, performance and dance topics; and award opportunities for UCR graduate students in the dance department.

The BP&D Research Platform sees itself as an international nexus for interdisciplinary engagement with pressing issues in the fields of dance and performance. Our specific focus on dance and performing bodies distinguishes the Platform from existing research centers more broadly devoted to performance, arts and/or the humanities. The Platform’s international impulse also seeks to create articulations across West-Rest, and first-third world divides, to open regionalist and area studies borders, as well as to invigorate Global South communications. By privileging 'body' in our name, we aim to emphasize the import of physicality and of labor to any consideration of cultural production and circulation, as well as to current theorizations of identity and difference, globalization and transnationalism, politics and aesthetics, capital and ideologies, materiality and discourses. We are especially interested in exploring bodies, past and present, as sites where axes of sameness and difference such as gender, race, sexuality, and class converge.  We are committed to asking how these ideological constructs are physicalized, and how "bodies in motion" challenge and/or reinscribe these constructs.

The Dance Department at the University of California, Riverside is an ideal host for the BP&D Research Platform.  The Department is home to three degree programs: an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts program in Dance; an MFA in Experimental Choreography; and a PhD in Critical Dance Studies, the first of its kind.  Professors and students in our department are invested in creating an inclusive and expanding international convergence of body, dance, and performance scholars and artists, where local and global interests find representation and offer alternatives to consumerist spectacularizations of dances and dancers.